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Where the Heart Resides
How long has it been since she's been here? Weeks? Months? Not since Tyrone moved in next door. This is a dream she's spent many happy nights in even though, technically speaking, it isn't a dream. Once again she's returned to that place beyond dreams that people never reach or, if they do, rarely remember. Soraya always remembers her time here. Untapped psychic potential, almost dormant in the waking world, allows her spirit to roam free at night in this Dream World while her physical body sleeps. She's grown here, as a dreamer and a person, making friends and facing tragedy. It's a special place dear to her heart for many reasons, perhaps one more then the others. This is the world where she met Gale.
He's a handsome knight, reserved and stoic, from a time long past, trapped forever in Dream World. Despite initial reservations he soon became Soraya's companion as a strong bond grew between them. They often travel Dream World together, but sometimes when she needs a break Soraya enter
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"Avery, I don't think this is a good idea," a man said hesitantly, quivering with fear.
"You're not a child anymore Zanther," the pale beauty replied, an edge to her voice at repeating this again. "You have to learn how to swim, you're simply to big to rescue if something happens."
"Never thought I'd miss being little," came the sullen response.
As a child Zanther's body was put into a type of supernatural stasis, allowing him to live a perfectly normal life but physically unable to age past nine. Due to his demonic genes he was guaranteed a long life span and, much to his displeasure, the majority of it had been spent as a child. The stasis had finally been removed a few months previously and he'd quickly filled out to the broad shouldered 6'3" frame he was meant to have.
It still caught Avery off guard when she'd look down to talk to him only to crane her neck up. His face still held a boyish charm, blue eyes sparkling with mischief and a too wide grin. His voice had deepened but, de
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It's dark. Painfully, impossibly dark. Worse than the gloom that comes from switching off a light when there's still the vaguest outline of your hand or closing your eyes but seeing the light against your eyelids. This is darkness that sinks under your skin, roiling and twisting your insides until there's nothing left. The kind of murky ink she grew up in and swore never to return to. Fire and light are hers to command with a flick of the fingers, darkness is nothing. Except her powers aren't working, the enemy smarter than they'd realized, and she's trapped in this damned cave.
A burning white rage blooms in her chest. She wouldn't be defeated so easily! Mouth twisted in a sneer she takes careful determined steps forward. Arms out, she gropes her way through the suffocating gloom, unable to find walls or ceiling despite the solid rock beneath her boots. The otherworldly atmosphere swallows the soft shuffling sound of her steps leaving a vacuum of silence in its wake. Memories of child
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Beloved Enemy by EtherealOwl Beloved Enemy :iconetherealowl:EtherealOwl 15 3
The visits began after Cloud left. In the aftermath of Sephiroth's first defeat Vincent kept a distance from his friends, atoning for his sins in solitude. He'd managed to maintain a desired state of detachment until a sudden storm forced him to seek refuge at Seventh Heaven. Appearing in the doorway just as Tifa was about to lock up, he'd given the martial artist a start before a warm smile graced her face at the familiar red figure, ushering him inside. It was over a cup of warm tea that Vincent discovered Cloud had left a month before, leaving Tifa with Denzel and Marlene.
"I can't reach him, and he won't return my calls," she admitted, and much to Vincent's chagrin, there was a familiar sadness in the martial artist's face.
She'd changed the subject after a tense moment, scolding him for staying away so long and making her worry. He'd noticed that the smile never reached her eyes where shadows were beginning to gather. A gentleman at heart, Vincent found himself promising to visit
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United States
Current Residence: A lair with heavy curtains and embracing darkness
Favourite genre of music: Neo Classical Rock, Classical, Rock, Opera, oldies
Favourite photographer: Fred and Moonie
MP3 player of choice: iPod shuffle
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard, Saitou, Integra, Ito Miura, Harley Quinn, Batman, Joker
Personal Quote: I would rather feel stupid then be ignorant

Is Cosplay Fanart?

Thu Jan 19, 2012, 7:21 PM

Another January and once again I'm getting the cosplay gear all spruced up. I tend to post fanart, and there are a few unfinished images that I'm hoping to get up next month, but I wonder if cosplay could be considered another form of fanart. Dressing up as your favorite characters is certainly a form of imitation that most cosplayers would agree is meant as flattery. I don't know about everyone, but I try to put a lot of time and effort into my cosplay costumes, and even go so far as to replay/watch the person that I'll be imitating so I can try to mimick their mannerisms. I don't know how successful I am, but I certainly try to capture the essence of the character. And really, isn't that a big part of fanart? Time is spent trying to create a piece of art that properly represents and captures the essence of a character or characters. It can be serious, romantic, horrifying, hilarious, or heartbreaking and so can cosplay. Sure, part of the time you spend cosplaying is just being yourself in a costume, but the rest of the time you're pretending to be that character and try to act like them, even in strange unlikely situations. I think in many ways cosplay is a form of fanart, and like drawing I love doing it.

So, I'm curious on a few things: Do you believe it's fanart? Do you cosplay? And I'm kind of curious about who, if ever, people cosplay as and why?

Perhaps I'll even go to the effort of putting up some of my cosplay photos. But, to start things rolling, should anyone care, I've cosplayed as Tifa (FFVII), Kraehe (Princess Tutu), Lulu (FFX), Yumi (Hellsing), and Alucard (Hellsing) and have plans/interest in cosplaying other characters as well.

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